The Honors Program of the College of Education and Health Professions is proud to showcase recipients of Honors College fellowships from the University of Arkansas. The fellowships are generous, academically competitive, and awarded on merit. The awards are limited to 90 high-achieving incoming freshmen and provide $70,000 in support over four years (and non-resident tuition award, if applicable).  For more information or to apply, visit the Honors College Fellowships page. 


Hanna Curtis

Placeholder filler image to be replaced by subject's photoMajor/minor: Nursing

Plans after graduation: Work as an RN in the VA or hospice.  Eventually open an assisted living facility in rural Arkansas. 

Thesis mentor: Nan Smith-Blair, Ph.D., associate professor of nursing

Honors Project summary: The purpose of my project is to determine what kinds of stress a caregiver experiences so that in the future we may help to alleviate these burdens and improve the outcomes for patient-caregiver dyads. Heart failure itself receives a lot of attention as the direct destruction to the patient can be easily observed, but little has been done to determine what it does to loved ones and those who try to help. Heart failure is a very expensive disease, financially and emotionally, and while it has been suggested that having a supportive caregiver can improve outcomes and reduce rehospitalization rates, we yet to determine how we can keep these caregivers can be helped themselves.

Hometown: Magazine, Arkansas

Conference Presentations: Curtis, H, Banowsky, M., Biondolillo, B., & King, C. (2016).  The relationship between shift breaks for nurses and the incidence of medication errors, University of Arkansas Nursing Research Day


Andrew O'Neil

Placeholder filler image to be replaced by subject's photoMajor/minor: Major: Public Health; Minors: Biology and Gender Studies

Plans after graduation: Pursue an M.D./Ph.D. dual degree 

Thesis mentor: Kristen Jozkowski, Ph.D., associate professor of community and public health

Honors Project summary: Sexual assault and harassment are salient public health issues among men who have sex with men. My project seeks to understand how sexual consent is communicated in this population and what factors influence this consent communication. Findings from this study can inform sexual assault prevention programming for this population.

Hometown: Flippin, Arkansas

Study Abroad Location/year: Health Teams Abroad, Jonkoping and Stockholm, Sweden, summer 2017

Conference Presentations: 

O’Neil, A., Clark, S., Hunt, M., & Jozkowski, K.N. (September, 2016) A Comparison of Sexual Consent Communication Among College Students from Two Geographic Regions. Arkansas Society for Public Health Education Annual Conference, Little Rock, AR. 

Clark, S., O’Neil, A., Hunt, M., & Jozkowski, K.N. (September, 2016) Does Relationship Status Matter? Comparing College Students’ Sexual Consent Communication by Relationship Status Type. Arkansas Society for Public Health Education Annual Conference, Little Rock, AR.  

Other Interests: I am a political junkie. I watch news frequently and like to keep up to date on legislation and politics. 


Annelise Zaring

Placeholder filler image to be replaced by subject's photoMajor/Minor: Major: Kinesiology; Minor: Spanish and Music

Plans after graduation: Attend Physician Assistant graduate program

Thesis mentorMatthew Ganio, Ph.D., associate professor of kinesiology

Honors Project summary: My study will determine the effects of intervention in the amount of   fluid intake on total body water in chronically low drinkers. In other words, our purpose is to determine if changing the amount of water intake for subjects who are habitually dehydrated will result in increased water retention and its corresponding health benefits, as opposed to simply increased urine production.  

Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado

Study Abroad Location/year: Puebla, Mexico, summer 2017; Nanjing University, China, summer 2016

Other Interests: Last year I was a first violin in the University Symphony Orchestra, and I enjoy my part-time job in the Veterans Hospital of the Ozarks.