The following steps have been developed to assist students in the Thesis/Project process.

  1. The honors student should identify a faculty member whose area of expertise/research is of interest to the honors student.
  2. The student should meet with the potential faculty member and discuss their willingness to become his/her honors faculty mentor.
  3. The student should take (departmental/major/program prefix3901 H during the junior semester under the direction of the faculty mentor. During this time, formulation of the Thesis/Project idea is developed and explored. Preparation of the Thesis/Project proposal, completion of the Thesis/Project Proposal Approval Form, and selection of your committee are typical outcomes of this course. One copy of the Thesis/Project proposal form should be submitted to the COEHP Honors Program Director.
  4. Composition of the Honors Thesis/Project Committee includes the following:
    1. Faculty Mentor*
    2. Two Committee Members
  5. Enroll in (departmental/major/program prefix) 498v H (can be taken more than once if enrollment is < 3 hrs ; 3 hrs maximum = required enrollment) and completion the Thesis/Project.
  6. The completed thesis/project is submitted to the Thesis/Project Committee at least two weeks prior to the defense date. The Honors student should schedule a committee meeting for approval of the Thesis/Project that aligns with the Honors College and COEHP defense deadline.
  7. The Thesis/Project Approval Form should be turned in to the COEHP Honors Director no later than Dead Day of the student's graduating semester.
  8. In addition, the final thesis/project, submission agreement and upload to Scholarworks.  For a detailed tutorial, please click here.  

*Note: The Faculty Mentor must approve changes in committee members.